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Patticakes Bakery

In 1994 I started Patticakes Bakery. I loved to bake and always took goodies to our family gatherings, and gave baked goods away to my friends. It was my family that encouraged me to start selling my products because they enjoyed them so much. So with a lot of help from my family and many good friends, I turned my downstairs child care business into a certified kitchen. With a 2-quart second-hand mixer and a slightly damaged apartment size gas oven, I started baking.

I would go to the swap meet every Saturday at 6 am in the morning and gave out samples. I also did child care during the week so that I could be there for my son Dillon. I grew the bakery around him. It was always important for me to be there for him. I watched kids all day and baked at night. As soon as my last child was picked up, I would go out and deliver our products to the few stores that sold them. It was very challenging at times, but a lot of faith and hard work got me where I am today!

When Dillon started pre-school, it was time to go full force in the bakery.  We kept growing and the time came when I needed bigger equipment to keep up. There were times I would get discouraged, how could I pay for the things I needed to get?  I feel so blessed, and I am very grateful for being where I am today. Things would always seem to work out. I have always had support from so many family and friends “Thank You.” In 2000 it was time to move the bakery.  It was scary, but I needed more space to grow the business. Once again, some great friends and family came to my aid and moved the bakery in one weekend. It’s hard to believe that November 2013 make 19 years Patticakes Bakery has been in operation.

There were a few times things were rough and I felt like giving up. But whatever the problem was, a prayer, faith and my loved one’s always got me through difficult challenges.

Today our products are in over 50 stores, and I thank all of my loyal customers for enjoying our products and keeping us in business. I also thank my dedicated workers (my first worker is still with me today) for all their hard work. My motto is family first! Knowing how important it was and still is for me to be there for my son, I feel the same for all my workers. Also, how important it is for my employees to love their job and want to come to work. “It’s Our Bakery.” Thank you again to all my dedicated workers and my loyal customers.

And thank you, Dillon, for the sacrifices you had to make because mom worked so much. I Love you son!  I believe we are successful.

Patricia Dodd

Patticakes Bakery Cheese Cake

Patticakes Bakery

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Patticakes Bakery


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Patticakes Bakery

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