My first interest in baking was at about age 11, watching my Mom make a wedding cake. I was pretty intrigued by the beautiful cakebeing created from those bags of colored frosting I would sneak licks from when she wasn't looking! I also looked forward to going to Aunty Phyllis house and watching how she made sweet bread and other goodies.  It was her Rum Cake that I fell in love with! 

Working at Mr's Fields Cookies is where my passion for Baking really grew! That's were I realized how much I loved to bake and be creative! I also Love the feeling & Joy I get from my Customers! 

Your Satisfaction is Very Important to Me!

Excitedly expecting my first and only child,  I started a child care business. I was so fortunate to be able to raise my son Dillon with playmates in a safe environment and earn money until he went to school. It was My Faith in God and Aunty Chars & Aunty Mars encouragement that got

Patticakes Sparked! 


Loving to bring  Deserts to our family gatherings, I made that special Rum Cake,

and the rest was History. With a lot of love & encouragement from so many, Patticakes was Created in November of 1994


 With help from many family and friends, we turned the downstairs child care business into a certified kitchen.

With a 2-quart second-hand mixer from Dad & Yvette and a slightly damaged

apartment size gas oven, Patticakes got Baking!

​I continued doing child care by day & baked at night till Dillon Started School.

Needing more space, in January of 2000 we moved to 1276-A Lower Main Street in Wailuku.


I feel so Blessed, and very Grateful for getting to do what I Love for 26 years now!

I'm so thankful for the help, support and determination of my wonderful Team Members 

at Patticakes Bakery!

And to All my Family, Friends and Customers that have always been there to

listen, Support, Encourage, Teach & Love Me!

I have had so many Blessings along the way! 



-Thank You! & God Bless!